Angela Alario

Stephen Amos

Mary Bisbee

Kenneth Burkman

Statement: My family and I moved to Vermont because we share its commitment to communities and the environment. Our country faces many serious challenges, but we can solve them with comprehensive, people-first, environmentally sound legislation. We must first support one another with livable wages, single payer healthcare, affordable housing, and equality for all. And we must adopt policies that protect our planet. Our world is imperiled, and we must act now to avoid catastrophe. I served in the Army as an engineer and decision scientist for 25 years. Assignments across our country showed me our diversity and the problems Americans share. From that experience, I believe we must invest in a 21st Century infrastructure, including secure, sustainable agriculture, safe drinking water, renewable energy, modern transportation, and broadband internet. We must budget an affordable defense and restore our diplomatic corps. Rather than measure success in terms of GDP, we should account for environmental impact and how we treat our society’s most vulnerable. A parent with my partner to two daughters. Union faculty at UVM, retired Army officer, and member of Disabled American Veterans and the VFW. Certified Analytics Professional; Project Management Professional. If these priorities align with yours, please vote for me.

Gwyn Cattell

Danielle Cote Sukkaew

James Dandeneau | Video

Statement: My name is Jim Dandeneau, and I’m asking for your support to be a Vermont delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2020 DNC. Many of you know me as former House Campaign Director with the VDP. I’m proud to have helped win 95 seats, picking up 12 new Democrats. Pouring myself into recruiting, training and supporting so many Democrats was how I processed Donald Trump’s win. I worked to get as many Democrats elected as I possibly could because I know there are more of us than there are Trump Republicans, and I wanted to conclusively prove it. I’m running for delegate because I want to finish that job. I’m running to be a Bernie delegate because I believe in what he brought to the party. He brought us closer to a more just government by fighting for so many things that are now core Democratic ideals. But what I appreciate most is that he showed a generation of Democrats that we don’t have to be afraid to stand up for what we believe in. I’d like to stay a part of it. Please vote for me to be one of Bernie’s Vermont delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Noah Detzer | Video

Statement: I’m Noah Detzer, and I’m asking for your vote to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the National Convention. I’m a public school teacher in Milton, N.E.A. union organizer, and a grassroots activist. Bernie’s incredible 2016 run inspired me to become politically active myself, and the following year, I was elected as Vermont Young Democrats National Committeeman and the Secretary of the Vermont Democratic Party. During my time as Secretary, I helped pass the most progressive platform in VDP history. In 2018, I was determined to help elect candidates with the same progressive values that Bernie and I had, managing and coordinating several campaigns: working to elect Brian Pine for Burlington City Council, Chris Pearson for State Senate, and Martha Allen for State House in the Northeast Kingdom. In 2020, I managed Sarah Carpenter’s City Council campaign, where we flipped Ward 4 from a Republican-held seat to a Democratic one for the first time. In the fall, I’ll be teaching a class called Elections 2020 at Milton High School. If elected as delegate, I’ll take everything I learn at the convention and use it to inspire the next generation of progressive leadership. Thank you for your consideration!

Asher Edelson

Statement: Hello my fellow Vermonters! It is my pleasure to run for delegate as a supporter of Bernie Sanders! Bernie has long been a hero of mine, and his political advocacy continues to fuel inspiration for my own life. I greatly appreciate his work on Medicare for All, ending our imperial foreign policy, and taking a bold stance on issues surrounding Israel & Palestine. I have Tourette’s Syndrome and want to be an advocate for people with disabilities as Bernie’s surrogate. If more people with disabilities got out to vote, our issues would see more representation, and perhaps the left would win more often! We desperately need delegates to represent the disability community. Tourette’s is a neurological disability that not many people have the clearest understanding of, and it would be a privilege to educate fellow Democrats on the issues pertaining to my disability and to others’. I have served as Vice President of a local Disability Caucus chapter, staffer for Andrew Gillum’s successful primary campaign, youngest candidate during a School Board election, and intern for Congresswoman Kathy Castor. I hope to be honored with the opportunity to serve as Bernie’s young, Hispanic, Jewish, DBS, disabled delegate! Vote Asher! Thank you!

Sabra Ewing

Patrick Gordon | Video

Linda Gravell | Video

Statement: Linda Gravell Washington County Democratic Chair VDP Field Grassroots Chair I am running for a seat at the National Democratic Convention. I am asking for your vote. Why do I want to go to the National Convention? I want to move the National party in the progressive direction… LEFT. • Democrat for social, racial, & gender equality, equal opportunity • Commitment to progressive policies: Medicare For All, Green New Deal... • Diversity makes us stronger I work with our legislators to bring bills for the working person to the Governor’s desk. I believe in alliances with Unions and activist groups to elect Democrats into office. As County Chair, I am using my skills for the benefit of Vermont Democrats: • Digital technologies like Zoom, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey and social media; • Field organizing, canvassing captain, phone bank trainer, mailings; • Organizing fundraisers like the upcoming “Mad Hatter Cocktail Soiree”, May 18th; • Contacts with Out of State Democratic parties, AZ, CO, ME, NC to flip Republican seats. I want to connect with Democrats outside of Vermont, to share how we can work together Mostly, because I work for YOU… the Democrats of Vermont. I am asking for your vote.

Charles Gregory

Statement: We Democrats can be proud of our accomplishments of the last 100 years— from the Women’s Suffrage Amendment of the 1920’s to the Affordable Care Act and Motor Voter Act of the Obama administration. Before 1990 we effected 49 major beneficial changes. But in the last 30 years, we have only done three. Forty-five years ago, the Democratic National Committee started courting wealthy contributors. Thirty years ago we started giving them things like “the end of welfare as we know it,” the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the failure to protect 6.5 million householders from criminal foreclosure proceedings. Right now we are treating our second Great Depression with a Keynesian $13 trillion bailout for Wall Street, but only pennies for millions of desperate laid off workers. As Claire Sandberg tweeted about our party’s latest legislation: “”Bailouts for debt collectors, lobbyists, landlords, and big oil, but no paycheck guarantee, monthly cash payments, merger moratorium, or plan to make sure everyone has healthcare during a pandemic.” Bernie Sanders wants the Democratic Party to return to our base. If you don’t agree with that, vote for a different delegate.

Gwendolyn Hallsmith

Statement: “We need a political revolution in this country.” Yes, we do. We need:  Universal Health Care  Universal Basic Income  De-militarization, unilateral nuclear disarmament  Public Banks at the national, state, and local level  Lifelong education that’s affordable for all  Healthy food systems, organic agriculture  Renewable energy and energy efficiency  Mass transit and sustainable transportation  Reparations for descendants of former slaves and Native Americans  Just Transition to a regenerative way of life  Democratic self-determination, equal voice in shared decisions I am interested in being a Bernie delegate to the National Convention because I have spent my life working on all this and I am looking forward to the day when this agenda drives national policy. I have hope that the pandemic and the resulting economic catastrophe will be the turning point for deep and lasting change in this country. In 2016 I was in the streets of Philadelphia protesting the way Bernie had been treated by the Democratic Party. This year, I want to be active at the convention to move his agenda forward in every way possible. Vote for me if you want a Bernie revolutionary to represent you there.

Bradford Herbert

Steve Howard

Kerry Kurt

Dianne LaRoe

Kate Larose | Video

Statement: One of my earliest memories is boarding a plane to spend a summer with family I had never met so my mom could go to boot camp. As a single parent, every day was a financial struggle. Joining the military helped keep a roof over our heads and paid for her education. From a young age I came to believe that everyone deserves economic opportunity (and that we need to build a system that doesn’t require risking one’s life to get it). This belief has been a key driver in my life: I was a first generation college graduate and have an MBA. I served as a Peace Corps and AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer. I’ve worked in non-profits, small business, and government agencies focused on justice issues. It also drove my decision to run for state representative in 2018. Though I narrowly lost, I had the honor of being endorsed by both Senator Sanders and Our Revolution. Shortly thereafter, I experienced a brain injury. Navigating life with a disability has only further ignited my passion to fight for what’s right. Serving as a national Bernie delegate is one way I can do this. I hope I can count on your vote!

Theron Lay-Sleeper

Justin Marsh

Michael McLaine

John Moran

Daniel Nadeau-Gerlach

Logan Nicoll

Laura Nikolaides

Statement: I would be honored to serve as a Vermont Delegate for Bernie Sanders to the Democratic National Convention, and to build on my work as a Bernie Victory Captain. I was first drawn to Bernie because of his commitment to single-payer health care. I became a patient advocate after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and have been alarmed to watch the growing inequities in care. It’s outrageous that a major side effect from cancer is now financial toxicity. I’m so grateful for the work Bernie and his supporters have done to bring attention and support for Medicare for All. While this is a priority issue for me, I’m a strong supporter of all of Bernie’s platform and would work hard to advocate for including as many progressive ideas as possible in the eventual presidential platform. In 2015, I supported Bernie’s campaign by volunteering on the Help Desk, phone banking, and canvassing in Ohio. During the 2020 campaign, I volunteered as a Bernie Victory Captain, which involved weekly trainings, meetings and events. I hosted numerous phone banks and several Bernie Journeys to New Hampshire for canvassing. I would be honored if you would vote for me to serve as a Bernie delegate.

Bruce Olsson

Statement: Not me. Us. With its message of solidarity and inclusion, I strongly believe that this simple, but essential phrase from Bernie’s campaign defines how we win the struggle for a better future. I have spent a lifetime in the labor movement; organizing, negotiating, and working politically on the state and national level. While it has not been easy to make progressive change (there is a reason what we do is called the struggle), I know that solidarity is key to real progress. The Democratic Party must be more than a liberal, bicoastal party—it needs to be a forceful voice for working class America. Those who put their life on the line to do the everyday work of our economy need a bigger share of the wealth they create and a voice in the shaping of America’s future. Bernie’s vision for the Democratic Party and our country can make this happen. I ask for your consideration and vote to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for there is still much work to be done. Bruce Olsson Chair, Lamoille County Democrats Labor Delegate, VDP Executive Committee

Ellen Oxfeld

Statement: As a long-time advocate and activist for Medicare for All on both a national and statewide level, I would very much like to represent the Bernie 2020 campaign at the national convention this year. Additionally, I think that in all areas of social, economic, environmental and racial justice, Bernie Sanders has articulated a clear vision of the policies and programs that could transform this country and our world and move us in a positive direction. I have lived in Middlebury since 1985 where I teach at Middlebury College. I have always actively supported progressive candidates at the local and statewide levels and have volunteered in all of Bernie’s campaigns. During the 2016 convention I served as the Vermont representative on the Credentials Committee. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it has shown us that health care must be a guaranteed public good and human right. I have also always supported the peace and justice movement in general, and Bernie’s vision of working with countries to solve our global problems, rather than promoting needless wars, is one I wholeheartedly support.

Christopher Parker

Olivia Peña | Video

Statement: I came to Vermont to attend college at UVM, and loved the community so much that I completed an extra year to earn my Master’s degree in Food Systems. I’m proud to call Vermont home, and feel fortunate to be surrounded by the incredible community and natural resources. I have found community by engaging in activism and service around the state. Over the last year, I have expanded my political toolkit by participating in Emerge’s signature training program, a valuable resource for Democratic Vermont women. I’m the Ward 1 Chair for the Burlington Democratic Party, as well as serve on multiple city boards. I have been fortunate to regularly travel our beautiful state and meet those who support our neighbors through research, work, and, in my freetime, exploration of swimming holes, country stores, and mountains. Young women of color like myself are not typically well represented in politics. I am proud to support Bernie Sanders because of his commitment to equity, justice, and a better future for everyone. As a Bernie supporter, I hope I can count on your vote during this crucial time as we strive to flip the White House back to Democratic leadership.

Brian Pine | Video

Statement: As Bernie said from day one, Not Me, Us! Bernie has been my political north star since I became politically active as a UVM student when he was Mayor of Burlington. I fought alongside Bernie and student activists around progressive causes at home and abroad. He taught an entire generation how to think globally and truly act locally. Bernie instills in us the idea that a true democracy requires a decent standard of living and a healthy planet for everyone and that change only comes from organizing ordinary people to stand up against powerful interests. His policy proposals are especially fitting now, as the coronavirus pandemic is revealing an economy organized around maximizing profit, not human need. He is leading the push for a progressive agenda on universal health care, an indefinite moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, cancellation of student-loan debt, a universal basic income, and clean energy. We must not allow this country to return to the notion that each person is responsible for their own hardships and that collective responsibility is somehow un-American. We must stand united around a truly progressive agenda for a more just society that offers a fair chance to those without wealth or power. With your support, I pledge to stand firm for progressive ideals as your delegate to the Democratic National Convention in August.

Robert Richards

Maria Rinaldi | Video

Statement: As a person living with a physical disability, it makes it easier to see the inequities that exist in our healthcare system. I have been dependent on Medicaid for 30 years after a diving accident left me paralyzed from the chest down. I am on the community-based waiver program which allows me to live at home and have my basic daily needs met by personal care attendants. I could never afford this care on my own, nor the durable medical equipment and medical supplies required to keep me healthy and on-the-go. While Medicaid has many pluses, it limits my options on where I can live and makes me choose between my healthcare and marrying the person I love. A Medicare-for-All system that includes provisions for long-term care needs would erase these problems and finally give the disabled the freedom to live a life of their choosing. That is why I need your help to elect me as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Not only would it be an honor to represent Vermont voters and support Bernie Sanders, I also want to influence the platform as an advocate for disability rights.

Michael Ross Video

Statement:Dear Vermont State Delegates, I'm Mike Ross, and I am asking for your vote to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders to the National Democratic Convention in August. I am running to be a delegate to the National Convention because I would like to represent Vermont and help Bernie Sanders’ vision for America and policy priorities become a part of the 2020 Democratic Party Platform. From advocating that Healthcare be considered a human right to championing policies that promote a living wage and jobs for all, Bernie has earned my vote and support and taken the lead on these issues and many others. My experience volunteering for Bernie started in 2018 when I helped get out the vote for Bernie’s re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate as a part of the Vermont Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign. Then, I decided in February of 2019 to get involved with the Bernie 2020 Presidential Campaign and was one of the first million people to volunteer for the campaign. I was then selected by the campaign for their “Community Connectors” volunteer leadership program in which I joined other volunteers nationwide in building the grassroots foundation which would help propel the campaign forward through the election cycle. As a “Community Connector” for Bernie 2020, I also attended barnstorm meetings and debate watch parties hosted by the campaign where I met other Bernie supporters and grassroots activists. Some of the highlights of my experience volunteering for Bernie 2020 were when I helped get out the vote for Bernie in Essex, Vermont on Super Tuesday and in Claremont, New Hampshire on Superbowl Sunday. I also helped get out the vote for Bernie in West Lebanon, New Hampshire this past December and January. It was really rewarding for me on these “Bernie Journeys” to New Hampshire to make new friends and share with volunteers and potential voters alike why I supported Bernie for President. Other highlights of my volunteer experience include joining the Bernie Rally in Montpelier on May 25, 2019 and volunteering at the Bernie Rally on Super Tuesday in Essex Junction. Bernie’s Presidential campaign may be over now, but the work of continuing to support the policies that Bernie stood for on the campaign trail and continues to stand for remains. I hope you will consider joining me in standing with Bernie to help make his policy priorities a part of the 2020 Democratic Party Platform at the National Convention. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at if you have any questions about my candidacy for delegate to the National Convention. Thank you for your consideration. In solidarity, Mike

Munroe Shearer

Statement: As one of (if not the single) youngest candidate to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, I hope to be able to bring an unabashed youthful voice to the table. As a lifelong Essex resident, I've been an outspoken leader in the Essex High School community for the last four years, playing a key role in organizing the March For Our Lives event that the school held and writing a Free Press op-ed about our school's own experience with swatting. As a member of and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in our state, I've been incredibly proud to promote visibility where I've been able to, and tolerance where visibility hasn't been able to reach yet. I've been a Bernie supporter through and through my whole life, but I want to promote an image of Bernie supporters that embodies tolerance, community, and his consistent message over a "Bernie or Bust" mentality. I'm now a college student out of state, but I'm incredibly proud to be a lifelong Vermonter and hope that I can count on your vote to be a delegate to the national convention.

Elizabeth Soper

Sarah Swank

Michael Sweeney

Sarah Tewksbury

Alexandra Nicole Tran | Video

Statement: Feeling the “BERN” at the Democratic National Convention My name is Dr. Niki Thran and I am asking for your support to become a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. As an emergency physician, I treat the uninsured patients every day. I believe that universal healthcare must become a reality in our country and that universal healthcare must become part of the Democratic Party Platform! We all owe Senator Sanders a huge debt of gratitude for bringing the idea of universal healthcare into the modern political lexicon, and into the mainstream American political dialogue. Senator Sanders has been and continues to be, a brave and relentless leader, an advocate for the poor, the uninsured, and for those who have no voice. He has taught me about alternative healthcare models and what universal health care really means. Most importantly, he has espoused the idea of healthcare as a right not a privilege. The employee-based health insurance system we have today - places an unfair burden on small businesses while allowing large conglomerates to avoid their fair share of healthcare responsibilities to many of their employees. A national healthcare alternative to employee-sponsored health insurance is essential and we need it now more than ever. Despite the death and suffering that the COVID-19 crisis has brought us, it has revealed the glaring inadequacies in our healthcare system. The lack of support of public health is now so blatant, it can no longer be overlooked or underfunded. A centralized federal response is essential to determine the nation’s needs, national resources and their allocation. We need a national plan to distribute PPE, coordinate testing and soon to manufacture and distribute a safe and efficacious vaccine. Democratics should and will take the lead in creating the post COVID-19 medical system. A productive society depends on the health of its citizenship. Healthcare cannot be separated from the economy; it is integral to it. If I am fortunate enough to be chosen as a delegate, I will promise to fight for universal healthcare for all Americans and I will fight to have this idea become incorporated into the platform of the Democratic Party. Thank you Senator Sanders, I still “FEEL THE BERN!”

Walter Wallace

Tristan Whitehouse

Courtney Williamson