Phil Scott Does Not Like Being Governor
December 12, 2019


MONTPELIER, VT — As Vermont Democrats barrel toward the start of the 2020 legislative session with a full legislative agenda — one of the most progressive policy agendas in the nation — Phil Scott continues posturing, failing to weigh in on policy proposals, share insights, or offer any indication that he will participate in next year’s law-making process.

His dereliction of duty is not new, in fact, it was on full display during the 2019 legislative session.

As was reported by VTDigger's Xander Landen, Phil Scott makes a point to remove himself from the legislative process, leaving legislators guessing.  Landen reported: “Scott said this time around he’s keeping his cards close to the vest and won’t say what he’ll approve or reject until the House and Senate strike final deals.”

Former Seven Days columnist, John Walters, also took note of Scott's dereliction, reporting:  ‘”I’m looking at the aggregate burden," Scott said of Democratic proposals to raise the minimum wage, create a paid family leave program and increase other taxes and fees. He would not identify how he would arrive at an acceptable "aggregate burden.”’

Scott seems ready to play the same political games with his legislative counterparts in 2020.

“It has been three years since Phil Scott was first elected governor and Vermonters are wondering when he plans on assuming office?” said Vermont Democratic Party spokesperson R. Christopher Di Mezzo. “During his term and a half as governor, Scott has done little more than wait in the wings for the time to respond to the duties of his office. He fails to participate in the legislative process, offering no indication of his willingness to sign or veto legislation, proposes no policies of his own, and takes disingenuous victory laps after signing Democratic-led legislation which he had no hand in crafting.

“Despite Scott’s reluctance to lead, Democrats in the House and Senate continue to legislate with an agenda that works for all Vermonters — strengthening healthcare, combating climate change, protecting our drinking water, working to put more money in Vermonters’ pockets, and making Vermont a more affordable place to live."  

“These past few years make clear: Phil Scott does not like being governor.”

R. Christopher Di Mezzo
Director of Communications & Outreach
Vermont Democratic Party
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