SHOT/CHASER: Scott Silent on Devastating Trump Budget Cuts 

February 13, 2020



MONTPELIER, VT —  Governor Phil Scott likes to talk about affordability. We often say he is more talk than action on this front, but it’s starting to look like we’ve been too harsh in the past as Scott fails to speak up for Vermonters in the wake of yet another disastrous budget from President Donald Trump.


The budget, released earlier this week, would be devastating to working Vermonters while giving the 1% yet another tax break. It includes cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, safety nets such as SNAP and federal housing assistance, college affordability programs including debt forgiveness and subsidized loan programs, the EPA (which would be cut by more than 25%), and critical foreign aid. At the same time, the budget extends tax cuts for the wealthy and directs taxpayer funds toward the border wall. Senator Patrick Leahy has condemned it as “reckless”, “cynical”, and “divorced from reality”. 


Shot: "While campaigning, a recurring message I heard — and I'm sure many of you heard — was the anxiety over affordability." Scott said while in the Vermont Senate in 2013. In 2017, he said his administration would prioritize "strengthening the economy, making Vermont more affordable and protecting the most vulnerable." Just a month ago he added: “We urgently need to make Vermont more affordable for everyone across the state.” 


Chaser: When faced with a budget that would wreak havoc on the affordability of basic necessities like healthcare, housing and education for working Vermonters, what has Scott’s response been?  




Scott isn’t afraid to distance himself from the president when he sees an opportunity to win political points. So why won’t he stand up for Vermonters when it counts? 






Scott McNeil

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