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Friday, June 12, 2020


As Democrats Expanded Vote-By-Mail, Phil Scott Played Politics With Voter Safety

MONTPELIER, VT -- Today, while Republicans across the country -- and in the White House -- are doing their best to make it harder and less safe to vote, Vermont’s lawmakers have voted to authorize the expansion of vote-by-mail. Following the successful passage of the legislation, the Vermont Democratic Party is calling on Governor Phil Scott (R-VT) to sign this crucial bill. The right to vote is at the cornerstone of our democracy, and the right to vote safely is no different.

Governor Phil Scott has claimed time and again to support vote-by-mail, yet at every turn, he has stood in the way of the program’s expansion. Signing this piece of legislation is Scott’s final chance to demonstrate and make actionable his support for the expansion of mail-in voting.

While Secretary of State Jim Condos and Democrats in the Legislature have been hard at work trying to protect Vermonters’ right to vote safely in 2020, Governor Scott has been playing politics with the whole process. The Governor claimed to support expanding vote-by-mail, but when Secretary Condos put a plan in motion Scott immediately opposed his plan. Then, after stonewalling Condos, he looked to the Legislature to remove him from the decision making process. To top it all off, his failed leadership on the issue forced legislators of his own party to show their true colors on a political loser -- making it harder to vote-by-mail in Vermont.

“To Governor Scott, I say this: Letting this legislation become law, without your signature, sends a clear message to Vermont’s voters -- you’d rather play politics than guarantee the right to vote safely in 2020,” said Terje Anderson, Chair of the Vermont Democratic Party. “While Phil Scott plays political games with voter safety, Vermonters should know that their Democratic Secretary of State and Democrats in the Legislature are on the job and doing everything within their power to protect the right to vote and to vote safely.”







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