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Vermont House

Rep. Tristan Toleno

Rep. Tristan Toleno




Representative Tristan Toleno grew up in Marlboro and graduated from Brattleboro Union High School. He was a philosophy and religion major at Wesleyan University, but then chose to follow a passion for food and be a chef. In one busy weekend, he graduated from New England Culinary Institute and married Susie Webster, also from Brattleboro. They moved to New York City, where he developed his cooking skills and Susie earned her Master of Divinity degree. Following their urban adventure they moved back to Brattleboro, where for its ten years of operation, Toleno was the managing partner and chef of Riverview Cafe. Until recently, he continued to work in food service as a caterer and wood-fired pizza chef. This year, you will still find him cooking at the American Legion Post 5 Banquet facility. In 2011, Toleno completed his MBA at Marlboro College. A decade of business experience and activism in many arenas-notably the local food movement and kids' health-drew him to study sustainability and system change. For the last seven years Tristan has been teaching about Complex Systems to Marlboro College MBA students and was recently named interim Dean of the Graduate School. Susie Webster-Toleno serves as the minister to the Congregational Church of Westminster West and as a hospice chaplain. Member of the House: 2012 - Present.

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