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I Stand With Vermont Democrats

Scott Stands Alone in Rejecting Minimum Wage Increase

June 2, 2016



Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director


Scott Stands Alone in Rejecting Minimum Wage Increase

June 2, 2016


Montpelier, VT  Out of the five leading candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is the only candidate who rejects raising the minimum wage. When asked on the VSEA candidate questionnaire if they supported a living wage for Vermonters, only Scott refused to support an increase to our state’s minimum wage.


“Phil Scott’s rejection of a minimum wage increase is unacceptable,” said VDP spokesperson Christina Amestoy. “Vermonters deserve fair pay for the work they do. No one should have work multiple jobs just to try and live above the poverty line.”


This isn’t the first time Scott has refused to stand up for working Vermonters; a few years ago he voted against even an incremental increase that would have raised Vermont’s minimum wage from $7.00 to $7.25 an hour.


“For a candidate that preaches affordability, Scott’s refusal to give hardworking Vermonters the ability to make a living wage is outrageous. If he doesn’t believe our families deserve better wages, he doesn’t deserve to serve,” continued Ms Amestoy. “A candidate who hosts a launch party with a $16,000 price tag, but won’t fight to give a working Vermonter the same annual income is the wrong choice for Vermont.”


“We are proud of our three leading Democratic candidates who are all fighting for a true livable minimum wage. Vermonters deserve fair pay for their hard work and as Democrats we will continue to push for this.”



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Secretary of State Jim Condos Announces Submission of 2016 Election Nominating Petition

May 9, 2016



Press Release

May 9, 2016


Secretary of State Jim Condos Submits 2016 Election Nominating Petition

Shows Broad Statewide Support


Montpelier – Secretary of State Jim Condos submitted his 2016 Election Nominating Petition to run for re-election to the statewide seat for Vermont Secretary of State.


Secretary Condos’ petition shows broad support from across Vermont with signatures from all 14 counties in Vermont representing more than 125 cities and towns. Condos said his petition has well over the required number of 500 signatures for a statewide office.


“I am pleased to have such broad support from Democrats, Progressives, Republicans and Independents across the state,” said Secretary Condos. “My focus on bringing this office forward with successful IT solutions has set us up to provide efficient, good government solutions for the future.”


Condos has upgraded the Secretary of State‘s office with a new modern website providing more information to the public than ever. He also has led the successful replacement/upgrades for the Agency’s website, including the Divisions of Corporations, Professional Licensing, and Elections.


Condos is especially proud of the improvements to the Elections division – new statewide voter checklist, On Line Voter Registration, improved Overseas & Military Voter reach, Election Day Registration and Automatic Voter Registration. These enhancements will improve the integrity of our elections process.


Secretary Condos will continue to strive for good government solutions that improve efficiency and provides excellent customer service. His focus on transparency and accountability remains a pillar of his agenda.


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