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Vermont Senate Democrats


The Vermont Senate Democrats aspire to build a Vermont that works for Vermonters of all backgrounds. During the COVID-19 pandemic, so many underlying problems and issues that Vermont families and communities faced were exacerbated to the extreme, but these issues have long existed and still persist to this day. This is why the Senate Democrats are dedicated now more than ever to an equitable Vermont where all can live, work, and thrive. To accomplish this, we are committed to fighting for affordable housing, child care, paid family and medical leave, a livable wage, affordable healthcare, and more! 


The Vermont Democratic Party’s Senate Campaign Project is a full-time campaign that is dedicated to electing and preserving a strong Democratic majority in the Vermont Senate. Under the leadership of Majority Leader Allison Clarkson and Assistant Majority Leader Andrew Perchlik, the Vermont Senate Campaign recruits, trains, and supports candidates to run for the Vermont Senate. 


Senate Leadership


Sen. Phil Baruth

Senate President Pro Tempore

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