ICYMI: Phil Scott Pressed For Climate Change Positions; Scott Whiffed

November 8, 2019


MONTPELIER, VT – Last week Governor Phil Scott joined Bob Kinzel on Vermont Edition. The Governor faced tough questions regarding his positions – or lack thereof – regarding climate change and Vermont’s plan to combat the crisis.

The first question Scott received was from a Middlebury College student, from Montpelier. The student asked:

How can you sleep at night knowing we are in a cycle of extreme weather, and other extreme effects of climate change, that are going to hurt me, my peers, and the future of the state?

The Governor retorted by accusing the student caller of being a plant from “some group.” He said:

I’m sure you’ve been working with some group to introduce that question.

Scott went on in a condescending fashion to claim:

I believe we’ve done more over the last couple of years than has been done previously.

Puzzled, Kinzel himself pointed out that in the last few years Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions have gone up, not down.

Scott’s answer? There “seems to be” more cars on the road.

Kinzel pushed back again, asking Scott:

Do you have a sense of urgency that this has to be dealt with in the next few years?

Scott failed to offer a real answer to Kinzel’s question.

The next caller, Henry from Marshfield, also pressed The Governor on his climate change views – pointing out Scott’s claim that technology will save us is not backed up by science. The caller said:

You not taking any of this seriously is not doing us any good.

“While Phil Scott lacks leadership and vision, Democrats in the Vermont House and Senate are pushing ahead with a climate solutions agenda – working on bills like the Transportation Climate Initiative and the Global Warming Solutions Act,” said Vermont Democratic Party spokesperson, R. Christopher Di Mezzo.

Di Mezzo continued: “The complete lack of understanding and determination the Governor has demonstrated when it comes to climate change policy is staggering. Scott has essentially told Vermonters that he has no sense of urgency when it comes to dealing with the effects of the climate crisis.

“These admissions come on the heels of his previous remarks that he’s not looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding climate solutions. The Governor’s failed leadership on this issue is just one more reason we need to replace him with a Democrat next November.

“Regardless, Democratic state legislators are moving ahead with their vision for tackling the serious challenge of climate change and will not be held up by our idle Governor.”