ICYMI: In 2019 Phil Scott Vetoed Bills Aimed To Strengthen Public Safety
December 3, 2019



MONTPELIER, VT — As Democrats in the Vermont House and Senate gear up for the 2020 legislative session, the Vermont Democratic Party is reflecting on Governor Scott’s failed leadership. 
At the close of the 2019 legislative session, Governor Phil Scott vetoed two crucial pieces of legislation aimed at securing public health and safety: S.169 (Waiting Periods) and S.37 (Medical Monitoring).
S.169, a bill which would have established a 24-hour waiting period for hand gun purchases, was vetoed by Governor Scott on June 10, 2019. Though this bill, if enacted, would save lives, Scott sided with his Party’s political base and the NRA.
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S.37, a bill that “would have authorized a cause of action by a person without a present injury for medical monitoring against the owner or operator of a large facility from which a toxic substance was released” (S.37). Again, the Governor chose not to side with Vermonters’, instead siding with corporate polluters.
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“As we head toward the start of the 2020 legislative session, we are reflecting on the tremendous display of failed leadership by Governor Phil Scott in 2019,” said Vermont Democratic Party spokesperson, R. Christopher Di Mezzo. “Democrats will hold this visionless Governor accountable during the 2020 legislative session — forcing him to make it clear to Vermonters' whether he stands with them or with his Republican base, the NRA, and corporate polluters."
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Vermont Democratic Party
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