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Friday, July 10, 2020

Who is Funding VTGOP Candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor? Hint: It’s Not Average Vermonters

MONTPELIER, VT The last state campaign finance report before the 2020 Primary was due on July 1st and from what VTGOP candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor reported on their forms, it’s not grassroots dollars funding their campaigns.

First, let’s take a look at who is leading the pack in Republicans fundraising for governor of Vermont. Spoiler: they aren’t on the ballot in November. The Republican Governors Association, in its July 1st filing, claimed to have raised $125,589.62 campaign to date and has indicated their willingness to spend whatever it takes to see incumbent GOP Governor Phil Scott re-elected.

As for Phil himself, in his July 2020 campaign finance report, the incumbent reported raising $8,155.00. This underwhelming number is a clear indication that Scott will rely entirely on his buddies at the Republican Governors Association, whose coffers are lined with cash from the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, big tobacco, and the NRA, to fund his re-election campaign.

The lack of grassroots dollars doesn’t stop with Phil Scott. Let’s take a look at the two leading GOP candidates for Lieutenant Governor: Scott Milne and Meg Hansen. Bitcoin Millionaire Scott Milne who joined the race for Lieutenant Governor back in May, brought in a whopping $5,297 in contributions, $5,020 of which was a gift from himself to the campaign -- so his raise number really looks more like $277 (which actually came from his campaign treasurer).

Meg Hansen, who has been a candidate for Lieutenant Governor since the fall of 2019 has reportedly raised since March of 2020 a staggering $3,805.60. In her March filing, Hansen infused her campaign with more than $9,000 of her own personal funds.

“For a Party so far behind in organizing, fundraising, and legislative and statewide seats, it’s astonishing that their candidates for this high profile pick-up opportunity are struggling to earn the support of Vermonters.” said VDP spokesperson R. Christopher Di Mezzo. “Fielding two self-funded candidates with little-to-no grassroots support is certainly no way to wrest the Lieutenant Governorship away from the incumbent party.”

Di Mezzo continued: “Grassroots supporters are the powerhouse of any campaign -- they demonstrate a broad-base of support; they’re folks reaching into their already strapped-for-cash wallets to support candidates they believe in. Phil Scott, Meg Hansen, and Scott Milne have all written off grassroots fundraising, instead favoring huge stacks of out-of-state cash and influence, self-funding practices, and skirting the campaign finance system.”




R. Christopher Di Mezzo
Director of Communications, Spokesperson
Vermont Democratic Party
(315) 368-3660 | @rcdimezzo