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Part-Time Senate Caucus Aide


To help Vermont Democratic State Senators be more effective, better informed and facilitate their work.


Skills Needed:

Discretion, integrity, communication skills, facility with Zoom, facility with a wide range of social media platforms, organizational skills, strong work ethic, thick skin, fearlessness, and a sense of humor. 


Technical Support:
  • Help run informal Zoom Caucus meetings

  • Help Senators with their technical needs as it regards more partisan communications with constituents

  • Support for Community Engagement 


Communications Support:
  • Draft press releases when needed

  • Draft responses to mass email campaigns on specific subjects (which SDCaucus can personalize)  

  • Help with social media

  • Grow Caucus Facebook page

  • Draft messaging responses when appropriate 


Weekly Updates/Reports on Committee Work:
  • Keep Caucus up to date on Senate Committee work

  • Get a sense from each Chair or Clerk about issues current in Senate Committees…providing brief weekly updates (on an every other week schedule)

  • Keep Caucus up to date with any relevant pending action in the House


Half Time Position:

20 hours a week at $15-20 an hour

Start Date:

January 2022

Interested candidates, please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to VDP Executive Director Jim Dandeneau at




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