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April 2023 Newsletter


Amazingly, we have just passed 100 days since the amazing people elected in 2022 were sworn into office. In this time Democrats have moved forward major climate change legislation, Treasurer Pieciak has worked to ensure a stable financial future for Vermonters lacking access to a workplace retirement plan, and Secretary Copeland-Hanzas has begun her campaign on civic and voter education. Democrats are not slowing down on delivering for Vermont communities.

We are excited to celebrate many of our wins and build for our future at the 24th annual Curtis-Hoff Awards on May 12th. This annual event celebrates the legacies of Governor Phil Hoff and Chair David Curtis. I cannot think of better legacies to be celebrating at this time. Chair Curtis led with courage; his congressional testimony as a public official living with AIDS helped ensure funding for services for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural communities. Governor Hoff’s value based leadership helped shape Vermont through such critical programs as the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women. In these polarized times such fearless leadership is needed more than ever.

As part of Vermont Democrat’s commitment to this fearless leadership, we are proud to have Senator Machaela Cavanaugh as our keynote speaker. Senator Cavanaugh has spoken for up to 12 hours every day on the Nebraska Senate floor to block Nebraska Republicans' attempt to strip trans people of their rights to healthcare. Her courageous stand against the GOP’s continued attempts to control people's bodies is part of Democrats continued fearless leadership across this country. RSVP to the Curtis-Hoff Awards Dinner here.



Preparation for the 2024 Presidential election is well underway. That work is occurring at the national level, where the DNC announced recently that the convention would be held in Chicago from August 17-24 2024; and here in Vermont, where the VDP rolled out our official Delegate Selection Plan.

The plan (which you can find here) walks through the process by which Vermont’s 24 delegates are chosen for the convention, but here’s a brief summary:

March 5, 2024: Vermont’s Presidential Primary occurs. Any presidential candidate who receives more than 15% of the vote in the primary will be eligible to receive a proportion of our delegates.

Mid-April, 2024: Town caucuses occur to choose delegates to the Vermont State Democratic Convention.

May 3, 2024: Anyone wishing to be a delegate must submit a statement of candidacy (the form is in the plan, don’t worry) to the VDP by this day to be eligible.

May 19, 2024: The State Convention! Democratic delegates from around the state, chosen by their town caucuses, get together to choose 13 of our 24 delegates - 11 District-level delegates, and our DNC Committeeman and Committeewoman.

May 23, 2024: Anyone who wasn’t chosen at the convention but still wishes to be a delegate may apply to be an at-large delegate, an alternate, or a Party Leader/Elected Official delegate (if they are a party leader or elected official). Those wishing to do so must submit a statement of candidacy to the VDP by this day to be eligible.

June 1, 2024: District-level delegates meet to select PLEO and at-large delegates, and alternates.

August 17, 2024: We all go to Chicago and have a great time.

There’s more to it, but we’re going to help you understand it. Our Affirmative Action Committee, headed by the wonderful Esther Charlestin of Middlebury, will be talking to Vermonters all over the state about the process to become a delegate, and how to join your town and county committee to make sure you’ve got the relationships to win that campaign. Stay tuned for more.


The Vermont Democratic Party, together with the DNC Best Practices Institute, are excited to announce the launch of our 2023 Train the Trainer (T3) Webinar Training Program!

T3 is a free six-week, twelve-part webinar course, covering several aspects of grassroots campaigning. This program seeks to expand the skills of progressive activists and volunteers, by ensuring that comprehensive training is free and accessible for Democrats all over the country.

T3 training is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-8:00 p.m. ET, from May 16, 2023, through June 22, 2023. The deadline to register is May 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET.