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RELEASE: Trump’s Former U.S. Attorney Republican Christina Nolan Exploring Senate Run


News from the Vermont Democratic Party

MONTPELIER, VT – Yesterday Donald Trump’s former U.S. attorney, Republican Christina Nolan, announced that she is considering a 2022 U.S. Senate run. She has filed candidacy paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission. Nolan was named Vermont’s top prosecutor by President Trump in 2017, and would be the first Republican to declare candidacy in a race for the seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy in 2023. In November, Democratic Congressman Peter Welch declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate. Nolan’s possible run comes as the U.S. Senate hangs in a 50-50 balance, with Democrats holding a slim majority due to the Vice President’s ability to make a tie-breaking vote. In 2022, one seat could make the difference in flipping the Senate back to Republican control. Vermont Democratic Party Chair Anne Lezak said in a statement: “The fact that Nolan or any other Republican candidate would put Mitch McConnell back in charge of the Senate is all the reason Vermonters need to reject them. A GOP Senate would hurt our state’s working families, jeopardize women’s health care, and imperil action on pressing priorities like addressing climate change and protecting our democracy – and in 2022 voters will hold Nolan or whomever the GOP nominates accountable for their party’s toxic agenda.”



Asha Carroll Communications Director Vermont Democratic Party (802) 391-4035

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