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Statement on the Verdict of the Murder of George Floyd


News from the Vermont Democratic Party


MONTPELIER, VT — The jury has reached a verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd in June 2020. Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts: second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Additionally and notably, his bail has been revoked. Vermont Democratic Party Chair Bruce Olsson made the following statement: “Today we are grateful for the verdict in this trial, and we thank the jurors who honored their civic duty and held Derek Chauvin accountable by the same law that has failed too many times before to deliver justice in the cases of clear police misconduct towards Black Americans. “While nothing can bring back the life of George Floyd, today’s ruling is a small step towards progress, towards a future where law enforcement is held accountable for their actions when they abuse the authority with which they are entrusted. “This small step towards progress is not a time to let our guard down or move on. We have a long road of work ahead of us to deliver necessary and meaningful reform to the system that led to Mr. Floyd’s death and the deaths of so many others. The Vermont Democratic Party pledges to honor the legacy of George Floyd by continuing to fight for justice and for an end to racist violence.”

Black lives matter.



Asha Carroll Communications Director Vermont Democratic Party (802) 391-4035

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