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VDP Chair Anne Lezak Stepping Down


Montpelier, VT – Vermont Democratic Party Chair Anne Lezak is stepping down, effective late February 2023. An election date to vote for the new chair will be announced shortly.

As Chair of the VDP, Anne oversaw hiring of VDP’s current team, including Executive Director Jim Dandeneau. She played a large part in the 2022 election, where we saw unprecedented and historic wins across the state. Our town and county chairs are stronger than ever, and our excellent Democratic elected officials are gearing up for a productive and successful legislative session.

Said Lezak, “This has been a real capstone of my career; it's been incredibly gratifying to head up our party as we've gone through an historic election season. We've emerged stronger and ready to support our legislature and their highly capable leaders, along with our topnotch statewide and federal electeds, and focus on further activating and energizing town and county Dem committees to be a real force in their communities.”

Anne and her husband will be returning to Uganda to continue the work they did as Peace Corps Response volunteers in 2017-18; she providing strategic support to one of the longest-running palliative care providers in Africa, and he helping to build the new-to-Uganda discipline of Emergency Medicine.

Said Jim Dandeneau, “We are very sorry to be losing Anne. She was beyond generous with her time, mentorship, and support. She had a vision for this party that set us on the path to the success we saw in November and continue to see as we build a sustainable, professional, 24/7/365 Vermont Democratic Party. But just as she supported us, we’re thrilled to support her as she moves on to help more people in Uganda. We’ll miss her dearly, and we’re forever grateful for the sacrifices she and her family made for Vermont Democrats.”

The VDP has flourished under her leadership, and the positive impacts she's had on VDP staff and Democrats as a whole will be felt for years to come. The party could not be more thankful to her, and we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.


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