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VDP Statement on Recent VTDigger Article

Contact: Emily Bowers

Vermont Democratic Party Communications Director


In response to the article in VTDigger, VDP spokesperson Emily Bowers released the following statement:

“It’s shameful that Phil Scott’s disinterest in lowering drug prices is now blocking safe access to abortion medication from Canada. Apparently the application process is too ‘labor intensive’ for Phil Scott and Ron DeSantis, but not for Democrats in Colorado who are doing what they were elected to do and protecting their constituents.

Phil Scott’s administration has spent three years failing to prioritize the health and safety of Vermonters, choosing to adopt a wait and see attitude towards Vermonter’s healthcare. The Governor’s spokesperson, Jason Maulucci, is not even sure of the last contact the Scott administration had with the FDA on the matter. Phil Scott’s inaction is not only dangerous and irresponsible, but it signals to Vermonters that his claims of being a champion for reproductive health are just for show.

Instead of fighting for the reproductive freedom of his constituents, Phil Scott has not acted on his promises while placing the blame for the failings of his administration elsewhere. Vermont deserves better.”


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