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Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Steps Down


News from the Vermont Democratic Party --

MONTPELIER, VT — Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Scott McNeil has decided to step down from his role in order to pursue new opportunities. Mr. McNeil will stay on for a period of time to help ease this transition for the Party.

Recently, the Vermont Democratic Party has had a significant change in staffing. We are very grateful for all of the good work that our staff has done, particularly in support of the 2020 election, as well as in preparation for the 2022 election cycle ahead.

As Democrats, we share a common mission to engage and welcome all Vermonters. We will be doing so through dedicated efforts to support our relationships with marginalized communities, to support the ongoing work of our town and county committees, and by working with allied groups that share our vision for a more diverse and inclusive Vermont.


CONTACT: Asha Carroll Communications Director Vermont Democratic Party

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