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Vermont Democratic Party Stands In Solidarity With The Call for Racial Justice


News from the Vermont Democratic Party


MONTPELIER, VT — Last Friday marked the 49th anniversary of the March on Washington, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. declared that he had a dream for racial justice and equality in America. Frustrated with grave systemic injustices that prevailed, he reminded America of the fierce urgency of “now.”

This past week, we watched in horror as Jacob Blake was shot 7 times by members of the Kenosha Police Department. We witnessed yet another tragedy the next night as three protesters were shot, two of them killed, at the hands of a 17-year-old right-wing extremist in possession of a semi-automatic rifle. Police brutality and the targeting of Black individuals by white supremacists remain a deleterious reality in our country and entirely contradict the dream Dr. King shared with us a long time ago.

We honor the legacy of those who have courageously marched before us. We stand in solidarity with those that continue to peacefully protest on our streets, decrying the systemic injustices and police brutality. We stand in opposition to white supremacy, police brutality, and racial hatred and division. We care about the rights and dignity of all Americans, especially those who have been marginalized and left behind, and we vow to continue our fight against racism and inequality. We commit to take actions in support of Black lives.

We will organize. We will call for justice. And we will vote.

We acknowledge that there’s a lot of work that’s left to be done. This work includes changes within our party: our practices, policies, and priorities. We are committed to making those changes. We will unite all Vermonters who stand against racial injustices and remain steadfast in our fight to achieve the dream of racial justice and equality.

Our party stands in solidarity with the movement across Wisconsin and nationwide committed to progress, activism, and action today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.


CONTACT: Scott McNeil Executive Director Vermont Democratic Party

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