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Vermont House

Rep. Angela Arsenault

Rep. Angela Arsenault




Representative Angela Arsenault was born in Burlington and grew up in Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom. After graduating cum laude from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Journalism and Sport Management, Angela lived in New York City for almost 10 years and worked as a journalist. She started out at The Week magazine then transitioned to freelance work for a variety of outlets including the New York Post, Gotham, and Los Angeles Confidential. She moved to Williston in 2010 because she wanted to raise her two kids here in Vermont. Since then, Angela has written primarily about parenting, family, and women’s issues for KidsVT, Explore Smuggs, Decider, New You, and others. Angela is Chair of the Champlain Valley School District Board of Directors and has deepened connections with her incredible community through membership in the Williston-Richmond Rotary Club, and as a volunteer with the Williston Community Justice Center, and the Education Justice Coalition of Vermont. In every aspect of Angela’s life her inherent curiosity has served her well. She looks forward to bringing her curiosity and core values of equity, integrity, and compassion to her work in the legislature.

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