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Vermont House

Rep. Emilie Kornheiser

Rep. Emilie Kornheiser




Representative Emilie Kornheiser comes to her work in the legislature with a passion for supporting and amplifying community voices-- asking communities to own and tell their own stories in order to facilitate shared visions and outcomes. For the last five years, she has focused on improving the functioning and accountability of community development and support systems in Vermont state government. Before transitioning to local service, she worked internationally as a consultant brokering and evaluating partnerships between corporations and national governments to meet community development goals.

Ms. Kornheiser received her BA in Sociology from Marlboro College and attended the MS program in Community Development and Applied Economics at the University of Vermont. She has served overseas promoting democracy and supporting small business development, and she has held numerous positions at community-based organizations throughout Vermont. She also started her own small business in downtown Brattleboro. Emilie continues to work with organizations both public and private that put connection at the center of skills building, accountability, and economic justice.

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