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Rep. Rebecca Holcombe

Rep. Rebecca Holcombe




Representative Rebecca Holcombe, lives in Norwich with her husband. They have two adult children. She lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Fiji Islands, Sudan and China before she returned with her family to Vermont. A lifelong educator, Rebecca worked in outdoor education as an EMT, a middle and high school teacher, a school principal, a district leader, as Vermont’s Secretary of Education, and as the founder of the Greenway Institute, a National Science Foundation-funded startup designed to launch students from underrepresented backgrounds into sustainable engineering. Rebecca earned a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in administration, policy, and leadership. Rebecca ended most of her board commitments prior to running for office but continues to serve on the board of Equal Access to Broadband. She was the chair of the Norwich Child Care Committee and has board and volunteer experience in the health care sector and with several programs for young people.
Rebecca learned from her mother that the purpose of government is to make sure everyone has a fair chance to thrive, and, from her father, she learned to love starting summer mornings in a boat on the Connecticut River. She skis and bikes whenever weather and her schedule allow, particularly in the Greensboro area. She has great appreciation for her chickens, who are voracious consumers of food scraps, producers of eggs and fertilizer, and providers of entertainment.
Rebecca’s awards include: The Phyllis J. Rappaport Award (2019) presented by the Simmons School of Business for significant deeds and accomplishments; the Dr. Lincoln David Lynch Career Achievement in Education Award (2018) presented by the New England Association of School Superintendents; the 2017 Martin Luther King Social Justice Award presented by Dartmouth College in recognition of ongoing commitment; The American Graduate Champion from Vermont PBS (2015) presented in honor of vital community service, commitment to education, and support of students; and the Life Saving Award, Newton Police Memorial Association (2008).

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