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Vermont House

Rep. Robert Hooper

Rep. Robert Hooper




Representative Bob Hooper has lived in the New North End, in both Wards 4 and 7, for over 30 years. He has committed his entire life to public service beginning with a tour of duty in the Army in 1971, where he became a radio operator in the signal corps, like his father in WWII. Shortly after discharge, Bob worked his way through college at Penn State University where in 1979, he earned a B.A. in Individual and Family Studies with an emphasis in Counseling.
Following graduation, Bob joined the private sector in a construction company that focused on the then novel concept of designing and constructing solar homes. This experience developed Bob’s interest in alternative energy, an issue he remains committed to today. He also experienced first-hand the challenges of operating a small business as a long haul moving van driver. These experiences were the genesis of his commitment to helping small businesses succeed.

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