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Vermont Senate

Sen. Nader Hashim

Sen. Nader Hashim




Senator Nader Hashim moved to Vermont in 2011 to begin a career with the Vermont State Police after earning his degree from Clark University in Political Science & International Relations. During his time as a trooper, he served in the Brattleboro Barracks and then the Westminster Barracks. Throughout his service, he was a member of the Fair & Impartial Policing Committee and also was a member of the Drug Recognition Expert team. In 2019, Nader ran and served as a state representative for one term on the Judiciary Committee. He currently serves in the senate on the Judiciary Committee and Education Committee. Outside of the legislature he works at a private law firm in Brattleboro as a paralegal and investigator. His hobbies include writing, music, painting, and hiking.

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