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Vermont Senate

Sen. Rebecca (Becca) White

Sen. Rebecca (Becca) White




Senator Rebecca White is a lifelong Vermonter. She grew up in the village of Wilder, graduated from Hartford High School, and went on to earn a BA in history with a minor in speech and debate from the University of Vermont. Upon graduation, Becca began her career as an organizer for a local solar company, then worked as a community engagement manager for Efficiency Vermont. She is now a part-time cashier at the Upper Valley Food Coop. At the age of 20, she ran for a seat on her local selectboard and served two terms before being elected to the legislature as a State Representative in 2018. She served on House Transportation during her four years as State Representative before seeking election to the State Senate as one of the senators from the Windsor District. She began her term in 2023 and is co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus and the Future’s Caucus. She is a graduate of the Emerge Vermont program and has served on the board of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. She continues to be an active member of multiple local boards. Becca and her husband, Dylan, live in White River Junction with their cat, Ms. Kitty. Becca is fortunate to live close to her family and, when not attending meetings or working, she can be found spending time with them.

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