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Rep. Thomas Stevens

Rep. Thomas Stevens




Representative Tom Stevens of Waterbury, Washington County, Democrat, was born in New Haven, CT, and moved to present town in 1996. Tom has served as Chair of the Waterbury Select Board and President of the Waterbury Village Trustees. He is currently working during the legislative offseason at Maple Wind Farm in Richmond. He has been education director at the Waterbury Congregational Church and served eight years on the board of Downstreet Housing and Community Development, four as President. He has served on the boards of the Children's Room and Revitalizing Waterbury, for which he chaired the Downtown Designation Committee, resulting in Waterbury Village receiving Downtown Designation in 2006. He has served as executive director of the Vermont Alliance for Arts Education and director of the Vermont Dictionary Project. While his children were young, he was the stay-at-home parent. He revisited his professional career as director and production coordinator for QuarryWorks Theater at the Adamant Music School and, in 2008, recorded the audiobook version of Archer Mayor's "Open Season." In October 2012, Tom was the project director for "Going to Waterbury: An Elegy," an art installation at, and closure ceremony for, the Waterbury State Hospital. Tom graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Boston University.

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